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Registered Kitchen
Vanilla Slice

Official Entry Form

Saturday August 17th 2024

Lions Club of Merbein


ONE ENTRY per person/business will be accepted in each section.


  1. TEN Vanilla Slices must be presented with a square or rectangular shape. (6 of the 10 will judged and the remaining 4 will be transferred to a display area to enable viewing by the public on the day).

  2. When tasted, the slice should reveal a custard with a creamy smooth texture and a balance of vanilla taste with a crisp crunchy pastry topped with a smooth and shiny glaze/fondant.

NOTE Product submitted for judging in the Registered Kitchen Section must be available in store for a period no less than 3 months after the date of the competition.


TEN Vanilla Slices must be presented. May your own imagination be the only limit for your creation. Your slice, however, at a minimum, requires you to showcase both elements of pastry and custard style filling. Be creative with design, colours and flavours if you desire. PLEASE SUBMIT THE TASTE OF YOUR INNOVATIVE VANILLA SLICE FOR JUDGING REQUIREMENTS.

​If you have any enquiries or for judging feedback after the event, please contact our Judging Co-ordinator, Anne Nash via or 0439 042 160.


Vanilla slices are to be received at back entrance of Club Merbein (in Fisher Lane) from 7 to 11 am, Saturday August 17th 2024.

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